and his Animatronic Band
The Arc of the Spark
"One of the very first people I contact to see if they are available when planning a Steampunk Festival is the very talented and stupidly modest; Mr Paul Snook. Paul is a brilliant musician who plays several different instruments, and he has a great singing voice. He also builds robots!

You can find him on the earlier series of Robot Wars with his team and his robot Tetanus. But even better than that, you can find him at the Filey Steampunk Seaside Spectacular, where he will be performing in various guises. Firstly there will be The Retro Clones - for this Paul plays all of the backing tracks, drums, bass, keyboards, and rhythm guitar, videos himself doing them, and projects that footage onto a screen behind himself as he sings and plays lead guitar. Covers of great tracks like Sultans of Swing and Hotel California. Do be careful, audience participation has been known.....

Then there is his absolutely unique Ichabod Steam and his Animatronic Band, performing the Steampunk Musical "The Arc of The Spark" - a bitter-sweet love story of loss, longing, and spare-part surgery, like Frankenstein meets Cinderella in a gin-sodden Chicago Blues Bar. And he built all of the backing band....

Finally, there is The Paul Snook Band, playing classic rhythm and blues, gets everyone dancing...other acts even join in...

David K Smith
Organiser and Founder of Steam Punk Festivals around the UK.

"Ichabod Steam's Steampunk Band performed their act at The Mayor of Tenbury's  Charity Variety Show at The Regal this year. They are truly "SPECTACULAR". The stars of the show!

Can't wait to see them again."

George Price
Mayor of Tenbury Wells

"What’s in the box??? An awesome event!!!

Paul Snook’s Ichabod Steam and his Animatronic Steampunk Robot Band is as enigmatic and unique as it can get. With original music and visuals, it’s a retro- futuristic act that tells a gripping tale of love tragically lost and magically regained.

Our audience was transfixed by the detailed and striking steampunk set, the unnerving, but fascinating animatronic musicians (and what came out of that box!!), while enjoying some grass roots blues based sounds.

Original doesn’t cover it!! Needless to say, we have re-booked!"

Tim & Debbie
The Kings Head, Tenbury Wells

"Most people are fascinated by the steampunk robot band playing music (and yes, they really are playing the instruments!), I was more amazed that they are being controlled by Ichabod, whilst he sings and plays guitar!!!"

Tenbury Wells